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I got my first camera for my birthday in 1981 - it was a Kodak Disc Camera.  It was a start.  The quality was shocking in hindsight, but something about capturing moments and places obviously clicked (sorry!). I was really very lucky to receive for Christmas in 1982 an SLR - it was a Zenith 12XP, and I used it often over the next few years.  I slowly learnt more about photography, but then life got in the way, and also that crazy phase in the 90s when everyone bought automatic cameras (What was that all about?!).  Years later, I got back into photography when I turned 40, when I got a Canon Digital SLR.  A great camera - but it took time to progress, and I'm grateful to my friend Dave Hartley for inspiring me away from Automatic Mode!

Fast forward a few years, and I upgraded to a Sony A7 with amazing support from my Uncle.  I love Sony cameras - incredible tools, and much preferable to Canons and Nikons to me!  Its a personal thing.  Life brought some changes which meant photography became more than just using a camera in 2019.  Its now a big part of my life, and I hope you enjoy some of my images.

I live on the Isle of Lewis, in a beautiful village called North Tolsta. My family all live up here, and I'm very lucky to have had so much support and encouragement from them too.  My wonderful partner, Laura, is so incredibly supportive and encouraging with my photographic exploits, and I'm really lucky to have such amazing support.

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